It was our first tournament using just teams that will play in the EURO 2016.

28 players battling as every day in our competitive but social tournaments.

The victory this time was for Hughv27 against his friend Domc95 (at least they were friends before the match :P) It was a terrific performance from both of them during the whole event, well done.

MattKeats got the third place over Juan, a regular in the last season. Both got dissapointed after the defeat in Semis but this is about of not giving up.

EnaP_O ended as the of the winner of the consolation 1 tournament. Ruster23 couldn´t stop the particular revenge of the Italian player.

In the real consolation tournament, Riyad got the victory. His rival, Zak, an Italian visiting London, couldn’t complete an amazing evening for him, going from the very bottom of his group to almost the victory in the consolation.

See you next week, Monday and Wednesday!

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