Group Stages action

One of those games where anything may happen. Fifanatic got out of the tournament after this one and Mighty_Villa qualified for the Knockout but, as said, anything could have happened.

Posted by Fifapub on martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

Yesterday was a very special night. The FIWC grand final was being played in NYC, while in London we screened in the big projector and played an awesome 24 players tournament.

Two first-timers (Kadir and BellStars) played the final. They did a great job during the group stage and certified it during the Knockout.

Both used Real Madrid and Kadir knew how to get the most of them slightly better than BellStars who had won by far all the games he had played while Kadir had conceded two draws. But the result in the final is what matters to be the champion. Both players got a lot of points so they shouldn’t get worried.

The regulars duel happened in the 3rd place game, where Muradlb played using his beloved Chelsea beat Cagliaritanodoc and his favourite team, PSG, in the penalties. Both climbed some positions in the ranking, well done.

In the consolation tournament, Alexranger got his first victory in a final against nwassassin. They both can play for the championship any day, but need to be a little bit more lucky next time. We’ll see them in the finals, anyway.

Pcarr14 won the wooden trophy defeating Reso and got a free ticket.

Fifapub is all about keep on playing and eventually succeeding.

See you tomorrow, wednesday, in our MacMillan’s charity, where the entry fee will go directly to them and you can donate more if you want during the event

You can find all the results at: