Almost a goal

Quarter finals match. Sometimes, things don't go as you expect them. Fed and NwAssassin face to face

Posted by Fifapub on jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

Such a great night yesterday at Fifapub. It was a special one.

Two years and almost 200 tournaments after we started this project, finally we brought some attention from Sky News who interviewed David Bytheway before a 40-people tournament.

After more than 140 matches we had a winner. Arrow got his second crown in a row in a final we had seen before against Cagliaritanodoc. This time Arrow read Marco as an open book in the penalty shootout. Incredible performance which allows them both to reach the top 5 of our rankings this season.

Hammy103 was our consolation winner of the night. He defeated Jofield, a first-timer who surprised us with a great variety of skills. They are also qualified for the big finals of the season happening the 9th of April (next week’s Saturday)

Our last qualifying tournament will be this coming Monday, where the last Ranking positions will be determined. Then we’ll communicate you who is playing the finals.

Really looking forward to it.

You can find all the results at:

See you soon!