Fifapub is back on track.

New venue, new faces and a big bunch of regulars.

Thank you so much for coming to the opening night. We were sold out and people waiting at the door for drop outs, remember to book your tickets in advance for the next events.

Regarding the results, we had a mix of regular and new players. The penalties were key, since people are still adapting to the brand new game, it’s normal but that will change in the next weeks as always happens after the first tournaments of the year.

The top four players got qualified for the big finals (29th of October) where 32 players will fight for the crown of the first season plus some prizes.

Jose won this first event. He didn’t lose a single match and his best result was in the final where he surprisingly beat CPARK87 using Lazio against Bayern.

CPARK87 played a great tournament, but couldn’t win his second individual tournament, his first was back in the day, but still remembered. Hopefully he’s set for a big year.

Danub6, his results were arguably the best ones in the tournament, despite he lost his semifinals match in penalties. In the third place match defeated Ikeyyy the Welsh.

And finally Ikeyyy got the last Finals ticket after an impressive run. He got a remarkable 91% possession in his last match of the group against Danub6, which makes it even more remarkable.

In the “Europa League” Final, Fifanatic defeated Tom AKA MrPinero (substitute). Two colleagues that may come to more events this season.

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