Finally the summer season opener arrived. Everyone getting ready for the EURO, so are we.

24 players and a bunch of new faces (3 out of 4 in semifinals, actually)

ViperLepzHD was the first summer winner against Miguelinho10, an Italian Roma fan who was born in Cadiz and played a great tournament.

George, another first timer, ended up third, since his rival Chki, also his first time at Fifapub, had to go.

In the Consolation Final Mexicatessen knocked down CPARK87 in a tense match, plenty of oportunities for CPARK87 that Mexicatessen knew how to keep in control.

Domc95 was the winner of the Losers’ final

You can check the photos of the night (we usually take more) in our Facebook page

See you tomorrow (Wednesday 11th)

Or any other Monday or Wednesday till the 8th of June when the big final will take place. In order to qualify you just need to play and perform well, good luck with that.