Semifinals equalizer

Semifinals Goal to tie the match and go to penalties

Posted by Fifapub on martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Another wonderful FIFA 16 tounament at Yager Bar.

20 attendees and just one winner: Gooner23. Who played fenomenal during the tournament. Specially in the final, where he beat Cagliaritanodoc in the penalty shoot-out using Livepool.

TheBigO, another first comer, finished 3rd against Farhadbll who didn’t feel like playing after his semifinal match. Both players did a great job and both lost in penalties their semifinal matches (including the extra time in both).

In the consolation tournament SoNotDavid got the victory over Muradlb (1-0) using Borussia Dortmund against Chelsea. David plays well as long as he has pacey players at his command, Chelsea strong defense couldn’t stop that.

This Wendsday we’ll be off due to the Champions league but we’ll see you the next week Monday and Wednesday.

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Fifa tournament

One of those nights at Fifapub where everyone is a winner, either Bar tabs or free tickets 🙂

Chelsea vs PSG on the TV while the Premier League set made its debut on Fifapub.

The feeling of finding the net with Defoe against De Gea is priceless.

Cagliaritanodoc won his first tournament after defeating Arrow 2-0 in the Final. Arrow had beaten him at the group stage but couldn’t get another win here.

The third place was for Unlcukyboy who couldn’t make any better than a draw in most of his matches, including his last game against Casteddu who lost on penalties.

Mingram97 won the consolation final against Locust1902 in an intense duel plenty of laughs.

See you the next week on Monday. On Wednesday we’ll take a break, Arsenal vs Barcelona and Bayern vs Juventus need to be watched properly 🙂

Fifapub – Competitively social FIFA tournaments

In a 32 players tournament, playing a minimum of 5 games per player, you play one game and rest one. At that pace you have time to play and meet a lot of like-minded people. It's not just playing Fifa, is it? 🙂

Posted by Fifapub on martes, 8 de marzo de 2016

It was the first Monday in which we were sold out with 32 players. An awesome tournament. Thank you all for making it happen.

Regarding the results: Muradlb got his second victory. After a bad result last Wednesday he came back and got the win against a first timer Sanj1709 who played with Napoli and lost just 1-2 against Chelsea. Very well done.

Casteddu got the third place after having finished fourth in his previous tournament, a terrific start. Rafunes was his victim this time, who had a pretty strong KO bracket and it’s hard to keep the pace.

In the consolation tournament, Nijat15 got the victory over Cagliaritanodoc. They both had strong rivals at the group stage which made them play the consolation this time, but they could play for the championship the next time.

Hope you had fun, tag yourselves, leaves comments, share the photos and as said before, great night and looking forward to this Wednesday’s tourney.

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Championship Semifinals and 5th to 8th place KO

After 2h and a half there was still 16 people playing and 4-5 watching. It was another great night at Fifapub

Posted by Fifapub on jueves, 3 de marzo de 2016

Packed night at Yager bar. This time we played downstairs in a cosier location. The fun remains the same.

Divanson got the victory after just his second attempt. Not bad. In the final he beat Cagliaritanodoc, a first-timer who loves playing with PSG. We’re sure he’ll be a top contender for the remainder of the season.

The third place was for Otman, a regular in the semifinals, and Casteddu finished as fourth. Great performance of both contenders.

In the consolation tournament, Nicola won the final against Locust1902. Both players could have performed better in their groups but the level today was pretty high.

Hope you had fun, tag yourselves, leaves comments, share the photos and see you the next week Monday and Wednesday as usual.

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Tantrq vs Pirate – KO penalties, our favourites.

It got intense with a lot of misses and hits

Posted by Fifapub on martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

Fifapub is back on track again, every Monday and Wednesday as usual.

A lot of first-timer this time in an exciting 20-people tournament.

Muradlb got the victory after his first 3 tournaments. Tonight he didn’t have to face his friend Farhadbl in semifinals as usual, but a “rookie” called Arrow in the final. They both had played previously at the group stage and Muradlb got the victory the both times. We’re sure that Arrow will claim revenge ASAP.

The third place went to Otman in the penalties against one of the players with more won games at their back at Fifapub, Hammy103.

In the consolation Final, Divanson, another first-timer got the victory, against one of our regulars nwassassin.

Hope you had fun, tag yourselves, leaves comments, share the photos and see you this coming Wednesday.

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Fifapub – Making friends since 2014

Alfonso7 and Karman played one of those matches that makes you realise what makes Fifapub unique in its class. Watch it till the end.

Posted by Fifapub on martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

A great mix of new-comers, regulars and casual Fifapub players came to our last tournament before the mid season break. We’ll be back the 29th of February.

Farhadbll has become one of the toughest players in the community and got his second tournament in a row. His rival was Otman this time, who defeated CPARK87 on penalties in semifinals.

Another regular, Benz, took care of an unlucky CPARK87 who was playing a brilliant football with Inter Milan (1-0 against Bayern Munich) but conceded two goals in the last 5 minutes. As painful as it sounds.

Finally, Reso got a victory on the Consolation bracket. After several tries, now he has got the victory he was looking forward to. Davito, a new-comer, was his rival in the consolation final but couldn’t stop him and will come the next time ready to improve his performance tonight.

Hope you had fun, tag yourselves, leaves comments, share the photos and see you the 29th of February in the second round of this Fifapub 16 season after the mid season break.

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A great "one-two" – 32 people tournament

Jonnypr defeated Lorenzo with a brilliant play of Silva in the last 16 round

Posted by Fifapub on jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016

Amazing 32 people tournament. More than 100 matches played in 3 hours and 15 minutes, plus 1 hour of warm ups. Can’t go much smoother than this.

Farhadbll got the victory this time. He played brilliantly during the whole tournament. What it’s more impressive is that he made it just being a first timer in such a big tournament. Starz123 was second. He had a pretty hard bracket but went through it accumulating a lot of important points for his ranking.

Benz finised 3rd tonight defeating Otman, who got fourth. These regulars are becoming regulars of the podium too.

In the consolation final Myatux smashed Metlock, exactly as he described it. Myatux is the kind of player who needs a bigger warm up than the others, but usually ends up very strongly.

See you the next Monday and Wednesday before our Mid season one-week break. Then we’ll have our last month of tournaments and after that the finals of 1st and 2nd division.

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Catch you soon.

Sudden death match after the group stage

After the group stage they were all tied (Points, goal difference, scored goals, a draw in their head to head) They played a sudden death match to go either to the championship or the consolation bracket. NotSoDavid got the win in the 84th thanks to a great counter attack finished by Suarez.

Posted by Fifapub on martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

The season doesn´t stop and we found a new winner tonight.

Otman defeated Benz in the final. His goal just after the break, made everything much easier, in a game in which Benz didn’t show his best skills. Actually the had faced each other at the group stage, where Otman also got the victory, paradogically, the only victory he got at his group, it was a though one.

In the third place we had a rookie LoayLol who beat Rafunes, one of our regulars, after penalties. We’ll see whether he can fight for the title the next time.

In the consolation bracket Filipewe10 defeated AJ. Both kept Barcelona for that match and weren’t lucky enough at the group stage, actually AJ played against Otman and Benz at the group stage.

The 3 free tickets of the night went to Reso, PCarr14 and Fujoski. Congratulations!

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See you this coming Wednesday and every Monday and Weds at Yager

Help us to pick our sets of the Premier League. If you can think in another set which is kind of balanced, feel free to write it down and we'll take it into consideration 🙂

Posted by Fifapub on sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016

Help us to pick our new sets, based on the Premier League.

Each day, we’ll make a draw before the tournament to know which set we’re using each time.

Also we’ll include a Champions league and Euroleague sets.

We all hate going to the penalties, we all love watching the p…

Tense penalty shoot-out between CPARK87 and Rafunes

Posted by Fifapub on jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016

This time we played in the downstairs area at Yager Bar

Bach became the first player to win two 1v1 tournaments in a row since Hammy103 Back in April last year. He defeated Rafunes in the last second of the extra time with a perfect header of Lewandoski, when everyone was waiting to see an exciting penalty shoot-out

Otman got the third place over nw_assassin in a very tight contest.

The consolation bracket winner was EcuaJefe. He played a good football during the whole night and defeated Farqy 2-1
It was a pleasure, as always, and see you next week Monday and Wednesday, same time same good fun.

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