Great Fifa Tournament last night, thank you for taking part.

Kp9310 won after an impressive performance defeating Krishna1991 in the final. Both are great players and we’ll see them again pretty soon.

Griffish came back to Fifapub and “just” could be 3rd and Mushroom 4th.

All got qualified for the big finals.

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Fifapub is back on track.

New venue, new faces and a big bunch of regulars.

Thank you so much for coming to the opening night. We were sold out and people waiting at the door for drop outs, remember to book your tickets in advance for the next events.

Regarding the results, we had a mix of regular and new players. The penalties were key, since people are still adapting to the brand new game, it’s normal but that will change in the next weeks as always happens after the first tournaments of the year.

The top four players got qualified for the big finals (29th of October) where 32 players will fight for the crown of the first season plus some prizes.

Jose won this first event. He didn’t lose a single match and his best result was in the final where he surprisingly beat CPARK87 using Lazio against Bayern.

CPARK87 played a great tournament, but couldn’t win his second individual tournament, his first was back in the day, but still remembered. Hopefully he’s set for a big year.

Danub6, his results were arguably the best ones in the tournament, despite he lost his semifinals match in penalties. In the third place match defeated Ikeyyy the Welsh.

And finally Ikeyyy got the last Finals ticket after an impressive run. He got a remarkable 91% possession in his last match of the group against Danub6, which makes it even more remarkable.

In the “Europa League” Final, Fifanatic defeated Tom AKA MrPinero (substitute). Two colleagues that may come to more events this season.

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We had 32 players battling to achieve the proud of being a nightly Fifapub champion. But also to earn enough points to qualify for the next Wednesday’s Finals.

In his second appearance this season, ViperLpezHD got his second victory and now stands as second in the rankings. His rival, Griffish, was the winner of the SEASON II and got enough points to qualify for the final tournament.

A first timer, Kp9310, got the third place against one of the top players at Fifapub, Cagliaritanodoc, who played for the first time in this SEASON III. Kp9310 was the player who accumulated the most points tonight after not losing a single game (just after penalties at semifinals).

CPARK87 is becoming an expert of the Consolation tournament. This time he defeated Joakingg in the final. The Barcelona fan played his best tournament but couldn’t stop the gunner.

Rafunes and George won the other consolation tournaments (Championship consolation and Not Winners’ cup)

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See you all next Monday
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A good mix between regular and first timers today at Fifapub.

Heading to the half of this short season (due to the EURO 2016) which will finish the 8th of June.

Arrow made it again and crowned himself as champion after a bad start of the season last week. His rival, Benz, had played brilliantly during the whole event but couldn´t find his punch in an incredible final match.

The third place went to a first timer, FrancescoDiMarco90 who overplayed one of our regulars, Rafunes. They both weren´t that far from playing the finals, maybe next time.

In the consolation tournament, Chris, who was also his first time, was able to beat Kai23 in a pretty long final that seemed not have an end till that last goal.

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See you all on Wednesday.
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It was our first tournament using just teams that will play in the EURO 2016.

28 players battling as every day in our competitive but social tournaments.

The victory this time was for Hughv27 against his friend Domc95 (at least they were friends before the match :P) It was a terrific performance from both of them during the whole event, well done.

MattKeats got the third place over Juan, a regular in the last season. Both got dissapointed after the defeat in Semis but this is about of not giving up.

EnaP_O ended as the of the winner of the consolation 1 tournament. Ruster23 couldn´t stop the particular revenge of the Italian player.

In the real consolation tournament, Riyad got the victory. His rival, Zak, an Italian visiting London, couldn’t complete an amazing evening for him, going from the very bottom of his group to almost the victory in the consolation.

See you next week, Monday and Wednesday!

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Finally the summer season opener arrived. Everyone getting ready for the EURO, so are we.

24 players and a bunch of new faces (3 out of 4 in semifinals, actually)

ViperLepzHD was the first summer winner against Miguelinho10, an Italian Roma fan who was born in Cadiz and played a great tournament.

George, another first timer, ended up third, since his rival Chki, also his first time at Fifapub, had to go.

In the Consolation Final Mexicatessen knocked down CPARK87 in a tense match, plenty of oportunities for CPARK87 that Mexicatessen knew how to keep in control.

Domc95 was the winner of the Losers’ final

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See you tomorrow (Wednesday 11th)

Or any other Monday or Wednesday till the 8th of June when the big final will take place. In order to qualify you just need to play and perform well, good luck with that.

Last regular season tournament Final

Yesterday's Final went to the penalty shoot-out and this was what it happened there.

Posted by Fifapub on martes, 5 de abril de 2016

The last tournament of regular season allowed us to find three or even four top contenders for the finals this Saturday.

The final match had two new faces, Naagarjun and Ayulijam. They played brilliantly during the tournament and kept a very high level till the finals where we saw a replica of the last El Clasico. Real Madrid (Ayulijam) came back with ten men to tie the game 2-2 in the 120′ and got the victory after the penalty shoot-out. We’ll upload this video very soon, where Kadir helped us to commentate it, a big thank you to him.

The third place match was between to long time friends. Mathuslanm‘s Stoke couldn’t beat Arrow‘s Newcastle. This well could have been a final any other day, but Aylijam and Naagarjun didn’t allow it.

In the consolation final we had two friends playing against each other. Kadir and Mosharif95 (Spain) vs Kadir (Argentina). The game went to penalties where Mosharif95 didn’t give Kadir a chance.

In other news, Mushroom won the 3rd place bracket and a free ticket for the next tournament is on its way to him.

This is the end of the regular season of this campaign. The Finals are this coming Saturday and then we’ll take a well deserved break. Stay tuned because we’ll keep sending you newsletters with the latest news and our comeback.

Almost a goal

Quarter finals match. Sometimes, things don't go as you expect them. Fed and NwAssassin face to face

Posted by Fifapub on jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

Such a great night yesterday at Fifapub. It was a special one.

Two years and almost 200 tournaments after we started this project, finally we brought some attention from Sky News who interviewed David Bytheway before a 40-people tournament.

After more than 140 matches we had a winner. Arrow got his second crown in a row in a final we had seen before against Cagliaritanodoc. This time Arrow read Marco as an open book in the penalty shootout. Incredible performance which allows them both to reach the top 5 of our rankings this season.

Hammy103 was our consolation winner of the night. He defeated Jofield, a first-timer who surprised us with a great variety of skills. They are also qualified for the big finals of the season happening the 9th of April (next week’s Saturday)

Our last qualifying tournament will be this coming Monday, where the last Ranking positions will be determined. Then we’ll communicate you who is playing the finals.

Really looking forward to it.

You can find all the results at:

See you soon!

Intense 24 players tournament

The 3rd man in the group Final was intense as no other and it ended up in the penalty shoot-out. Sam-g112 got the victory over Mytik.

Posted by Fifapub on jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

Last night we were raising money for MacMillan, a Charity which supports the fight against cancer providing info, resources and personal support to people who has been diagnosed with Cancer. So, a BIG THANK YOU to all who came tonight and Charlotte Mykura for her efforts raising money for this charity.

Regarding the tournament itself, Arrow got the victory against Rafunes. It wasn´t the first final for them, but they pushed as hard as they could to win. Rafunes will need to keep on fighting to get his first tournament crown.

The third place went to Farhadbll after the penalty shoot-out against Nijat15. The game itself was incredibly good, at least offensively, since both players scored 4 goals each. By the way, after this tournament, Farhadbll commands the rankings, something he’s been really looking for as of lately.

In the consolation tournament, Alexranger became the first player to win a consolation final in two consecutive tournaments. This time, it was against Muradbll who is one of top 10 players at Fifapub, so Alex is ready to step up at any moment. Also, it was shocking to see him using Galatasaray (1-1 vs Muradbll’s Chelsea)

The next Monday is bank holiday, so we are off and the next tournament will be the next Wednesday, 30th of March.

You can find all the results at:

Group Stages action

One of those games where anything may happen. Fifanatic got out of the tournament after this one and Mighty_Villa qualified for the Knockout but, as said, anything could have happened.

Posted by Fifapub on martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

Yesterday was a very special night. The FIWC grand final was being played in NYC, while in London we screened in the big projector and played an awesome 24 players tournament.

Two first-timers (Kadir and BellStars) played the final. They did a great job during the group stage and certified it during the Knockout.

Both used Real Madrid and Kadir knew how to get the most of them slightly better than BellStars who had won by far all the games he had played while Kadir had conceded two draws. But the result in the final is what matters to be the champion. Both players got a lot of points so they shouldn’t get worried.

The regulars duel happened in the 3rd place game, where Muradlb played using his beloved Chelsea beat Cagliaritanodoc and his favourite team, PSG, in the penalties. Both climbed some positions in the ranking, well done.

In the consolation tournament, Alexranger got his first victory in a final against nwassassin. They both can play for the championship any day, but need to be a little bit more lucky next time. We’ll see them in the finals, anyway.

Pcarr14 won the wooden trophy defeating Reso and got a free ticket.

Fifapub is all about keep on playing and eventually succeeding.

See you tomorrow, wednesday, in our MacMillan’s charity, where the entry fee will go directly to them and you can donate more if you want during the event

You can find all the results at: