FIFA 15 (PS4) tournament – London

For the first time in Fifapub history a semifinal was formed just for thirds and fourths of group. A crazy QF round sent the winners and seconds to the consolation bracket. This is football.

The semifinals weren’t less exciting. The Unused Soldiers defeated The Rowdy workers thanks to a free kick goal of joeljaggar who confesed that had been his first set piece goal, at least with FIFA 15. Holistic Pets won their one after beating Lavish Duo after an intense match.

The final was as crazy as the rest of the tournament. Holistic Pets scored twice but it wasn’t enough to grab the victory. The Unused Soldiers fought every ball and finally got what they had been looking for so badly, the third and winning goal after a very happening play almost at the 90th.

In the consolation final Mind Punks got a goal in the extra time after having played with 10 men almost the whole game. Highfalutin Rednecks didn’t make the most of their chances and they paid for it.

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Far Rockaway 3rd of November

FIFA 15 tournament – LondonTight FIFA 15 tournament plenty of extraordinary competitors and surprises.Wandering Bankers won the tournament at their second time playing together. They didn’t start at their best but got it going till the final victory.

Yager Passers were second. The last time they played they lost at the consolation final and now they are battling for the official victory. That’s a step forward.
Swamp Turkeys lost against Wandering Bankers but they played superb. They were the best team till then and both were first-timers. Let’s see in the next one, they are already in.
Is good to see Abounding Noises again on Semifinals. They had struggled recently but this time kept focus when it matters. Strong combination, no doubt.
Designated Missiles couldn’t stop Mad Ninjas. Both teams were bottom of their groups and got a surprising victory over the second of their respective groups on the consolation Semifinals. Well done.Holistic Pets and The Ripe Anger were both second at the group stage winning 2 matches each, but then they weren’t lucky enough to make the consolation Final. A night off, sometimes takes time to calm down at the KO and we are sure these teams have a lot of potential

TillValentino won the Loading Bar’s FIFA 15 tournament for the second time in a row. Lewin played the final but couldn’t repeat the result of his last tournament at The Dogstar when he became champion for the first time.

Kavel20 and the 2v2 formed by Melyz91 and ManchesterCity were pretty close of the final. Kavel20 started losing his first match, but then he beat DarrenBolton and TillValentino in a row, impresive. The Italian duo beat Utopico on QF using Real Madrid, but couldn’t beat TillValentino on SF.

Utopico played on his own for the first time and won the consolation Final over DarrenBolton who played a great tournament after all, but we should expect better things to come from this first timer.

Pasta and Qeda will have more opportunities to show their skills at Fifapub and we know that they will do since they are excellent players, Qeda was about to beat tillValentino in QF, in the 90th minute, but then in the counter-attack was the second one who got the victory.

Thank you all for coming!

FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – London

Another night out of pure fun in which Lewin got his first 1v1 title after just winning his first 2v2 tournament yesterday at Far Rockaway with Fernando.

Melyz91 is doing a great job adapting his game to PS4 and FIFA 15 and almost got the final win.

Billy thomson beat Branny and Kaziuk in the consolation Final (3-1).

Hammy103 and ManchesterCity (ManchesterCity is the username of a player calle Alexandro) played the semifinals.

The other 2v2 teams were Bazzle and Michael Law; and, Utopico plus Christian. The next time they play they can decide whether they play 1v1 before the random 2v2 team creation.

Hope to see you soon again


FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – London

Another pure 2v2 tournament. Spectacular atmosphere at The Far Rockaway as usual.The Moldy Capatains (Fernando and Lewin) got a massive victory over Red Hot Wolves (ParadoxSyndrome and puredomination) after all those other tournaments where they played well but couldn’t finish on the top.

Prehistoric Robins (Pirate and Schomo90) and Wandering Wonders (Pasta and Sadekk) couldn’t reach the final this time. Both teams were about to make it, so it could have gone either way really. The KO system is also part of the show.
Smoking Minds (Jaytendo and Unluckyboy) finished top of the consolation tournament after a final in which Yager Passers (Melyz91 and Utopico) played really well and deserved something else, specially in the first half.
Abounding Noises (8of93 and CPARK87) started as the rocket they should be but then they lost their magic at QF and from then on. Spiteful Flies (iMarn and Hammy) beat Jaytendo and Unluckyboy 3-0 at the group stage but couldn’t find their game after that. Better luck the next time.
Hope to see you soon!


FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – London
We gathered 8 players ready to become the champion of the night.

In a fantastic final Pirate got his second victory in a row and revamped his rating. Stevesmiththesecond lived up to his username and finished second this time. Nonetheless, he had beat Pirate at the group stage, but couldn’t repeat it in the Final.

Pasta and Grifo were both semifinalist, this time playing on their own and doing it pretty well.
Fernando proclaimed himself winner of the consolation after defeating jakubbiernacki (2-1) in a game plenty of chances in both directions.
Sadekk and Frededinho couldn’t make the consolation final. Sometimes you cannot find your game, that’s all.

Hope to see you all soon.

FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – London
Fifapub is an amazing night out if you love to play FIFA and socialise.
This time we were at The Star of Kings where Pirate got his first Fifapub title after beating linhnguyen1293 in the final.
Pasta and Grifo were defeated at semifinal by the winner and Lewin did a good job but not enough to fight for the win.
Hugo grabbed the Consolation crown over Fernando. They scored one goal each on the 90th what allowed the first to clinch the victory.
Abounding noises and Bazzle also played in the tournament but this time couldn’t qualify for the final rounds.

FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – London

The nights at the Rocket Complex are pure fun and we just try to keep those standards up.
Hammy103 beat Pasta in one of the most spectacular Finals we can remember. 4-4 after the extra time and then Hammy103 came back in the penalties after missing his second one. Amazing Final.
Grifo and Scissor Bubbles (Lewin and Sadekk) lost at semifinals. Both of them where so close that it might hurt even more. However they should be proud of what they got.
Abounding noises (8of93 and CPARK87) and Piquant Sticks (Pedro and TheStupidBloke) played an anticipated consolation final. They both performed well at QF but couldn’t reach the real SF. Piquant Sticks got the victory after coming back.
The Rowdy Doctors (mdirie19 and MoOmar) and OMO0253 will do much better in their next tournament, where they will be able to play on their own in case they want to.
Hope to see you all soon!


FIFA 15 tournament (PS4), London

It was our first tournament after our first team market update and nobody picked Real Madrid (6 stars). However, Everton and Napoli were still quite popular. Man. City, on the other hand, went down to 3 stars because nobody picked them before and it was picked by everyone this time. It seems that City will be 4 stars within 2 weeks and maybe R. Madrid will be 5 stars by that time.

Abounding Noises (CPARK87 and 8of93) won every single game of the tournament. They met at Fifapub few months ago and since the last week they decided to team up when possible and that chemistry pays off. They had a very tough game at SF against Wandering Bankers, actually they came back from the initial goal of their opponents to get the win in the injury time (2-1). In the Final game they showed up their experience in these tournaments and got their first title versus One Hit Lovers (3-1). Well done!

One Hit Lovers (Pasta and Grifo) were first timers at Fifapub. Actually they don’t have PS4 and never had played before FIFA 15, but they proved tonight that they can be a very solid team to beat. After a pretty good group stage, where they finished in second place, they beat Silly Neanderthals (2-0) at QF and then Monkey Kings (3-2) in a tight game where they shot less on target but made the most of their chances. Bravo!

Wandering Bankers didn’t know each other before the tournament and actually lost their first game against Monkey Kings (2-1). After that they just played better and better to finish strong at SF where they scored the first goal. Their defence was struggling at the beginning but then they started to coordinate it better. We are sure that they can be a really strong team if they decide to play together again.

Monkey Kings were top of their group after winning every game there. It took them more than expected to score at QF against The Muffin Intentions (2-0). The SF game started with two goals (1-1) in the first 7 minutes. You could tell there was some nervous making their thing. They received two quick goals after that but they kept on. Indeed, they were plenty of chances to get the draw, even in the final minute they got one of their best opportunities. It couldn’t be this time, but it’s a certain thing that these guys can battle for the victory.

The Moldy Captains weren’t at their best at the group stage, but that didn’t stop them to win the Consolation Bracket. After their last game of their group where they lost against One Hit Lovers (2-0) they woke up and started to play as a team. However Wandering Bankers were playing like a rocket and sent them to the consolation. There, they beat Needless Spankers (3-1) and Silly Neanderthals in the Consolation Final (4-2) in the extra time.

Silly Neanderthals played at Fifapub for their first time. They lost their first match and didn’t know what to expect from the rest of the tournament. However they won their second one against Wandering Bankers and they started to get confidence on their game. Unfortunately they faced One Hit Lovers at QF and received a goal just at the beginning of the match. Later on they played the consolation final and lost at the second half of the extra time. They didn’t play bad, but The Moldy Captains played one of their best games.

Needless Spankers: we had our hopes on them, specially after their first game where they beat Silly Neanderthals. However they struggled from then on. We are sure they can do it much better than that, it was a day off and as soon as they start to play more frequently to FIFA 15, they’ll be ready to fight for big things. The defensive movements have changed a lot this year.

The Muffin Intentions couldn’t fin their game during the whole night. They do know how to play this game, but this time they couldn’t show it up. Actually they played their best game at QF against Monkey Kings, but then two mistakes at the defensive side stopped them to continue in the tournament. Better luck, the next time!

Thanks a lot for reading and we hope to see you soon here!

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FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – Loading Bar, Dalston, London

Tillvalentino won every game and got the title. However, The Moldy Spankers got a tie against him but he won in penalties. After his first tournament in which he finished fourth, he finally took revenge.

Pirate was one of the first timers of tonight. He finished 1st at the his group and had to face IcemanAFC at QF in a very tight game (1-0). He managed to make the final after defeating Jakubbiernacki. We are sure that he’ll come back the next time and will try to get the win.

The Moldy Spankers (Truth and Sadekk) were really close of beating Tillvalentino at SF and play the final match, but they lost in penalties. They were third of their group and beat Lewin at QF. We’ll see the next time when they will probably play on their own.

Jakubbiernacki couldn’t make the Finals this time and lost against Pirate at Semis. He also finished third of the group but won a tight game against East24 at QF. He could clinch the finals very soon.

East24 got a well deserved victory at the consolation final against Fernando, even though he needed to get a two stars team in the last minute since he made a mistake when he planified his set. Finished second in a tight group and he played brilliantly and with a lot of energy.

Fernando struggled at the group stage but finally played for the consolation title. However, it couldn’t be this time. He needs not to lose his concentration that frequently and avoid those little mistakes.

Lewin was second of his group after a very difficult victory against Pirate. Unfortunately, couldn’t go through the penalty shoot-out at QF when he lost against The Moldy Spankers. After that he just let it go. He has the potential to win a tournament with his passing game.

IcemanAFC always plays with fire. However, this time he couldn’t win at QF where usually he plays at his best. A man of KO tournaments that will get the win sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading and playing.

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