FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) , London

Finally hammy103 got his first victory. It wasn’t as easy as it can seem. Actually he was losing 0-3 after the first 30 minutes in the final against jakubbiernacki but managed to score 5 goals within the rest of the match. The curse is over and it’s time to get more titles.

Jakubbiernacki played really well but lost the concentration twice that costed him two crucial games. He’ll be Today at the Loading bar to take his personal revenge.

King Hugo got a third place after beating Kaziuk in the 3rd place match. Actually he got qualified in his last game against Allek. Also, with that victory he left BrannY out of the tournament. His game went just better and better and was the only player able to stop hammy103.

Kaziuk hadn’t played on PS4 so far but it didn’t seem so. He played a nice tournament and we are sure that he’ll do even better in his next chance. He also scored some really good goals, including an spectacular corner kick header.

BrannY was one of the players with more chances in the tournament. We don’t think that he’s going to forgive so many in his next time and is a serious candidate to play minimum at semifinals in an 8 players tournament.

Allek played some brilliant games and others in which he couldn’t even score. He hasn’t played in almost two years but it shouldn’t take him that much to polish all his skills to start to win again.

Thank you all for coming and reading. Let your friends know about Fifapub so we can make it happen bigger and even more enjoyable.

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FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) London

Truth3786 in his second tournament has got the victory. After a well deserved 2nd position at the group stage, Truth started to play better and better with special attention to his Final game where he beat hammy103 (5-2) using his beloved Porto FC. One of the best match performances in a game. Well done!

Hammy103 also got the second spot in his group. However, he was able to beat Gladiatorconan in a really close SF game. His third Final in a row. Will he be able to win his next tournament? We’ll see it soon.

Abounding Noises (CPARK87 and 8of93) were our best 2v2 team of the night. The team started playing brilliantly at the group stage finishing at the top. They could have made the final, but in the last minutes they received two critical goals against Truth3786 which made them lost the track. Two Arsenal fans who will come back to battle for the tittle, we are sure of that.

Gladiatorconan was very close to make the final. After his top spot in the group he used FC Barcelona on QF and maybe that was the turning point. He played a really solid game against Hammy103 on SF (0-1) what speaks about his potential.

Holistic Bankers (Octopus and Rossytzoltan) finished bottom of the group but then were able to make the consolation Final and win it.

Buster Soldiers (iMarn and IcemanAFC) two players that met in their last tournament at the Yager Bar and Today had to play together. They scored some of the best goals of the tournament but couldn’t win the consolation Final.

Elbarto102 had one of these days off. He had his chances to win some games but missed them. The difference between a good day and a bad one is very thin. Better luck next time.

Andrewaziz26 played some solid games. He lost against Hammy103 at QF after a good game. He is the most veteran player of Fifapub and he is probably facing one of his last tournaments these days. We know that his best tournament is still to come and we’ll see it soon.

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FIFA 15 tournament on PS4

It was our first tournament at the Jetlag. Downstairs, where they’ve got a massive cinema screen and a 56” HD screen.

dabeast87 got the victory tonight. He lost his first two games at the group stage but then could find his game and started a triumphal path to the title. His game at QF (1-0) against Wandering Roosters was actually very tight where there were just 2 shots on target. Great tournament for him!

hammy103  after finishing second in his last tournament playing 2v2, he finished second again. He also had a slow start in the group stage, finishing fourth, but then at QF beat Designated Thrashers in his best games of the night. Hope to see him soon.

IcemanAFC struggled at the group stage finishing fourth. However, he was able to beat Dervs at QF (2-0)  and make the SF. We can say that he’s a better KO player. Let’s see what he does in the next one.

thestupidbloke got a great 2nd position at the group stage with 2 victories. Then he made the Semifinals after coming back against The Moldy Captains (2-1) but then he failed to defeat hammy103 as he had done at the group stage. He may be able the next time.

Designated Thrashers (MaxMurrain and gladiatorconan) were top of their group in one of the toughest group stages that we can remember at Fifapub. Unfortunatelly they fell at QF against hammy103 what obliged them to fight for the consolation prize, where they succeed.

Dervs won his first two matches, then lost his next two, falling to the consolation bracket. He beat Wandering Roosters at the Consolation semifinals after the penalties. However, he couldn’t defeat Designated Thrashers at the Consolation Final. Maybe he lost the focus after the group stage. Better luck the next time.

Wandering Roosters couldn’t be the exception which proves the rule, Yesterday. They lost their QF match (1-0) after having got a great second place at the group, against the final winner dabeast87. Probably we’ll see them playing 1v1 in the next tournament.

The Moldy Captains they played very good games at the group stage but got third because of the goal difference. Then they scored first at QF and had lots of chances but failed to win. We are sure they’ll come back to get a victory, sooner rather than later.

Thanks a lot for coming and reading.

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FIFA 15 tournament on PS4The King in the North hosted his first Fifapub tournament Yesterday.Great and warm atmosphere in a venue which will bring one of the best alternatives night outs in London.
Ashandarei got the victory in the tournament. He played at a very high level, specially during the Final where he made the most of the talent of CR7 and company beating 3-0 to 8of93. Although he’s an XBOX player, knew how to adapt his hands to the Dual Shock 4 and grab the title. Well done!! Hope to see him soon again and being the first person who wins twice in a row in the same venue.
8of93 did lose in the final after having played very well during the rest of the tourney. He has played three tournaments in a row this week and have a second place and 2 consolation victories. We’ve got a talent here. Actually he climbed to silver division after this match.
elbarto102 almost made the final this time and fell in penalties against 8of93 in a very tight game. He brought his own crowd and that gave him the necessary strength to beat CPARK87 on QF (3-1) after have been third in the group. Well played!
UnluckyTeam. Really? He again lost at SF. His game is quite solid, but his lack of definition doesn’t allow him to play any final, at least not yet. Better luck next time.
MaxMurrain struggled at the beginning of the tournament, at the group stage, where two silly glitches of the game kept him at third position. Went to penalties at QF against UnluckyTeam but failed to beat him. From there, he showed his best game and actually finished the tournament as the top scorer and the consolation title. A future champion, maybe?
umaronline played the consolation final after a super victory against CPAR87. He also was the only player who was able to get a draw against Ashandarei, in the last game of the group stage. Should be able to make a come back? Yes, he will.
Justfrogs scored one of the best if not the best goal of the tournament, a super header from almost out of the box, in her first match. In her third match almost got the victory and at QF played a really solid game against Ashandarei which finish (0-1). It would be great to see her again taking revenge of tonight’s tournament.
CPARK87 after winning his last tournament, last week, and playing very well during the group stage, he struggled at QF and then he lost his concentration in the consolation semifinals. We are sure that he’ll cope with it and will come back stronger. Though contender. Unfortunately, he didn’t climbed to Gold division by just one point. Maybe he’ll get it in his next 10 games, we’ll see.Thanks you all for coming and reading.You can book for the next tournament at The Star of Kings:

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FIFA 15 tournament (PS4)

This was our first tournament at The Rocket Complex. The Metropolitan University will host our events every other Tuesday.

It was a total success and a lot of people couldn’t get inscribed so we’ll be organising a 32 people tournament the next time:
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Talented Guardians (slb1904 and BenWiltshire) won the tournament. It wasn’t easy, actually in the final they had to come back playing with the Arsenal against the Real Madrid. Maybe the Emirates Stadium, which is located very near, helped them Yesterday. They had used their 5 stars team in SF against Piquant Pelicans. They won every single of their matches, but two of them after the penalty shoot-out.

The Rowdy Dancers (Solo and hammy103) were second. They started really well winning their first two matches. They lost their third game at the group stage but managed to finish top. As the Talented Guardians, they almost lost in QF against the bottom of the other group, but instead they made the finals keeping Real Madrid for their last match. However it wasn’t enough to win the title. They scored several of the best goals of the night.

Piquant Pelicans (RIG0150 and Fabian) They improved their chemistry in every game they played. However, they fell at Semifinals against the winners. We’re sure that we’ll see them again fighting for the title.

Red Hot Robots (goldoon and Mtasghar) started loosing against The Rowdy Dancers (4-0) and from there their game just went better and better. Actually, when The Rowdy Dancers beat them also in the Semifinals after a long penalty shoot-out. Both formed a good team with their passing game and a solid defence. Let’s see the next time.

Tenacious Team (8of93 and Kayo7989) were bottom of the group and then, after loosing Kayo7989, 80f93 was able to win the consolation Final (1-0)

The Mullet Heads (Brazie2013 and Alikazmi07) won their first game (4-1) and couldn’t do it again. They were quite close of doing it on QF but lost in the penalties. Better luck the next time.

Unfrozen Neanderthals (Sundeep36 and Morotugal) were second of their group and scored two brilliant goals. However, they had a luck of concentration on QF and never got back in track since then. They’ll improve their result the next time, we are almost sure of that.

One Hit Intentions (abu20 and Lukas_LT) didn’t play their best tournament but played wisely their cards and surprised The Rowdy Dancers when they played with the Real Madrid on QF. The victory was so close that it hurts more. They’ll build up on it.
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29th of September, 2014
Another great Fifapub tournament at the Yager Bar.
MK Dons got the final victory over IcemanAFC (3-0). Doing so, he was one of the few players who has won a tournament winning every single match of the tournament and went straight forward to Silver division.
IcemanAFC got third in the group but used wisely his cards to beat the Young Workers on QF (in the 90th) and The Mullet Team on SF (in the 86th).

StefanoDurden lost his SF match against MK Dons (3-1) since he wanted to keep Real Madrid for the Final, so he used Napoli. You need to make some decisions to success at Fifapub, and he played for the victory. By the way, it was the first time that he didn’t win a prize in our tournaments.

The Mullet Team (Bazza and StPorter) played really well, specially on QF where they beat Myltik after finishing 4th in their group. After that, they had several chances to make the final but couldn’t define them. We are sure that this team will be an strong contender this year.

The Young Workers (8of93 and BegoLasVegas) won the penalty shoot-out against iMarn after an exciting 2-2 in the first 90th minutes. They didn’t know each other before today and seemed they can build up from here to be an interesting team.

iMarn struggled at the beginning and finished pretty good. Actually was the player who made suffer the most the final winner of the night, when he was defeated just by 1 goal on QF. Let’s see what he offers us in the next tourney.

Designated Missiles (Linokl and des707) are experts at Fifapub and they can play together at home, so now with the new FIFA 15 at their flat, can start to hit some targets. Tonight they couldn’t find their usual game, but we are sure they’ll do sooner rather than later.

Myltik caused the biggest surprise tonight. After winning every single of his games at the group stage, he was eliminated on QF. We know that he’s a good player and it was just a mistake that will try to make up in the next tournament. He mentioned the next week at the Far Rockaway tournament.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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FIFA 15 tournament, league format. London
Our very first night at Loading bar in Dalston. Hopefully we can build up from here to become this place in a MUST every other Wednesday night.

Tonight Gregor13 grabbed the victory after a series of come backs in the KO (3-2 after 0-2 in Semis and 2-2 after 0-2 in the Final that he won in the penalties) Great skills and a better concentration than any other of his rivals tonight, gave Greg the victory.

Crispi87 amased us scoring 4 headers in 6 games tonight. An incredible rate that speaks volumes about him. We’ll see if he can keep that pace with the full version of the game. We’re sure he will. He got a well deserved second position and could have won it but the penalties didn’t work as expected in the final.

UnluckyTeam was third but wasn’t a good day form him. He lost 3 matches, got a draw and won in the 3rd place match. That will hurt his rating, for sure.

Tillvalentino started the tournament with a victory over Crispi87, but received 3 goals against Gregor13 and that avoid him to be top of the league. In semifinals couldn’t keep a 2-goals differences temporary victory and it might be that what didn’t allow him to succeed in his last game. We are sure he will come in two weeks, ready to improve his 4th position tonight, but the tournament would have more people and will be tougher

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Our first night at The Dog Star finished with an exhibition 4-teams league.

Johnt87 couldn’t find his game at the beginning and he lost his first three matches. Then, when it matters, he recovered his usual football game and beat Unluckyteam in semifinals 1-0 and won the Final over Mugen FC (1-0). You can’t underestimate anyone just because they haven’t played well enough at the group stage. After his 10 first 1v1 matches, he was promoted to silver division with 19 points.

Mugen FC just lost 2 matches. One of them was the final against John87, after conceding a header almost at the 90th. He played a solid football and at least was promoted to silver division after this tournament (20 points)

Capo was the only first timer and started winning his first match against a veteran as Unluckyteam. He also won his second one, beating John87 just for one goal. From there he couldn’t win any single match (twice against Mugen FC and once against UnluckyTeam). However, he played brilliantly and deserved a much better result. We are sure that he’ll cope and will show us his best tricks in the next tournament.

UnluckyTeam, as usual, lost at semifinals after being top of the group stage. It seems that he loses the focus when it matters, which is unforgivable at Fifapub. Despite that, he scored a lot of goals and got 12 points in his last 10 games, what allow him to remain at Gold Division another week.

FIFA 15 Demo Tournament on PS4. League format plus Semifinals KO

CPARK87 won this tournament after beating myltik in the final and coming back from the 4th position in the league. He won his matches against OPMestre (InternationalPlayboys) and BARAKOFF (MK Dons) and lost against Unluckyboy and 8of93. But then won his last two games and got the final win.

Myltik finished second after beating BARAKOFF in semifinals. He was excited to start to play the KO. In spite of not having lost any match during the league, he finished third. This was his second Finals in a row and we bet that he’ll come to win it the next time.

BARAKOFF (MK Dons) beat Unluckyboy in the Third Place match. Both got 10 points in the league. BARAKOFF beat Unluckyboy (UnluckyTeam) twice during the night which will be the start of a good rivalry.

UnluckyBoy (UnluckyTeam) lost in semifinals as usual. He always make them and he always lose on them. Maybe he was quite accurate with his username, after all.

8of93 and OPMestre couldn’t make the KO since they struggled in the league (5 matches). They both had chances till the last game to qualify. Actually 8of93 beat CPARK87 so we are sure he’ll try to come back in the next one.

OPMestre, a well known player at Fifapub, gave us a lesson of good goals, but it seemed that FIFA 15 hated him. We don’t believe in the feellins of a game, but there were evidences this time.

It could have gone in either way, since the tournament was pretty intense and plenty of goals and chances. Fifapub is ready to step up to the next level. See you soon.

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Such an intense tournament at Famous Three Kings, last night. Jerrome got the victory (1-0) over Templer and Chris, thanks to a penalty. He had been already our finalist two weeks ago at the same venue.

The crown defender, TomBoultwood, lost against the runner up duo and also at the consolation final versus Ladinho. They went to the penalty shoot-out and the Danish saved two key penalties to grab the title. Tom played a perfect group stage winning every game. To be fair, he was playing 2v2 at that time with Stevesmiththesecond, who couldn’t finish the event.

ParadoxSyndrome and Abridges lost at Semifinals after penalties against the finalists. They were both second of their groups and won their QF matches 3-2. ParadoxSyndrome had lost his first two games, but he made a good come back in the last one of the group and lost agains Templer and Chris. Abridges got qualified also thanks to his last game of the group. He was defeated by Jerrome at SF, after having finished the match 3-3.

Frededinho couldn’t find his game tonight, but he does know how to play. Same as TomWestgate, who started with a victory but then, despite his good goals, he couldn’t win again.

Ladinho and Mcw14 struggled during the groups and QF, but then Ladinho made the most of his chances to get the win in the consolation final (1-1) after penalties.

Templer and Chris were confident on their game and didn’t bother to finish 4th of their group. Actually they beat Tom 1-0 with a goal in the 89th and then ParadoxSyndrome in the semifinals after penalties (0-0). They played a good Final match, missed quite a few chances and received a penalty goal. Solid defense, by the way.

Jerrome was the star of the tournament. He won every single match (penalties on SF) He didn’t get big differences but he knows how to dominate a game and he proved. Congratulations!

Who will be able to beat Jerrome? We’ll see.

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