FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – London

Another pure 2v2 tournament. Spectacular atmosphere at The Far Rockaway as usual.The Moldy Capatains (Fernando and Lewin) got a massive victory over Red Hot Wolves (ParadoxSyndrome and puredomination) after all those other tournaments where they played well but couldn’t finish on the top.

Prehistoric Robins (Pirate and Schomo90) and Wandering Wonders (Pasta and Sadekk) couldn’t reach the final this time. Both teams were about to make it, so it could have gone either way really. The KO system is also part of the show.
Smoking Minds (Jaytendo and Unluckyboy) finished top of the consolation tournament after a final in which Yager Passers (Melyz91 and Utopico) played really well and deserved something else, specially in the first half.
Abounding Noises (8of93 and CPARK87) started as the rocket they should be but then they lost their magic at QF and from then on. Spiteful Flies (iMarn and Hammy) beat Jaytendo and Unluckyboy 3-0 at the group stage but couldn’t find their game after that. Better luck the next time.
Hope to see you soon!