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The football season is back and so is Fifapub.

Check out our FAQ so you can find the answers to your questions. In case you don't find what you're looking for, send us an email to support@fifapub.com or whatsapp, text or call at 07462011023 and we'll get back to you.

What's Fifapub?

Fifapub is a project to allow people to have an excuse to meet their friends and make new while playing some video games in pubs.

There are some differences with other similar events:

  • Just over 18 with ID are allowed, since the events take place in pubs.
  • You play a minimum of 5 games and a maximum of 7 in each event. So you won't go home if you lose the first one as in other events.
  • It is competitive but the format (Groups, KO, consolation) allows you to end up playing with people of your same level.
  • There are prizes for the individual winners, but also collective prizes (more info below) and we have give-aways for everyone which you'll enter just for coming.
  • The whole event takes around 3 hours. So you can make plans in advance and you know that the travel is worthy.

About us?

After one year and a half since we organised our first tournament, and after having organised 134 tournaments in that time with more than 1700 players. We have been adapting our tournaments to offer one of the most entertaining video gaming event in the UK.

You can check out all the videos and photos on our Youtube and Facebook channels

What do I need to do to participate? Entry fee for the events?

You will need to buy your tickets. There are several season passes. You can share the tickets of your pass with your friends, sending us an email with your usernames or coming together. The tickets expire after 3 months after you bought them and while there are seasons to be played.

How does the season work?

A season has got two phases.

  • Qualifying round: There will be a qualifying phase. Initially it will take at least 16 offline tournaments. During that phase, the players will accumulate or lose points in their personal ranking depending on the result, their rival's ranking and the team they use during the game.
  • Big Finals: Based on the ranking the best players will have a chance to play in the first division finals, where the inscription will be £10 and the prizes could go up to £500, depending on the number of players. The rest of the players will have a chance to play in the second division finals with an entry fee of £5 and prizes up to £250

What are the prizes?

Fifapub is mainly a social thing unlike other tournaments where if you lose you go home. You'll meet people and have a blast even if you don't perform as good as expected.

Having said that, yes, there are prizes and not only for the top players. You can win in different ways:

  • Individual prizes: The winner of the final tournament of each division will get a prize of a minimum of £200 and £100 respectively. These prizes are funded by the payment of the ticket on each division's final.
  • Free tickets: The winner of each tournament will get a free ticket. Also, among everyone who spends £8 or more at the bar we'll give away extra one ticket each night.
  • Other prizes: We may have more prizes if we can get sponsors. If you are interested on become a sponsor, send us an email to support@fifapub.com

Follow the action like if it was on TV:

Become a star, follow the best players or just have a fun with our Live coverage, live commentators, live interviews

We'll be streaming every tournament in our Twitch Channel, so you can share it with your friends so they can watch you playing and maybe interviewed. Also, you can follow the action each weekend from home, so you know how your faction is doing.

How does a tournament/event work?

Each tournament may have up to 32 players in 1v1 format.

There are two phases.

Group phase: 8 groups of 4 players each (each team plays 3 games then). In case there are 32 player, the top 2 players of each group goes to the "winners" bracket and the bottom two go to the "next time winners" bracket.

*There might be other formats in case there are less players, but you'll always play a minimum of 5 games.

KO phase: The knockout phase is one-legged but if you lose the first match, you'll still play in the consolation bracket. You can't get the final victory but you can give more points to your faction. Each match goes straight to penalties if it finishes as a draw. Except the final, where if both teams agree they can play extra time. We do this to speed up the event and meet the schedule.

How do you pick your teams in each match?

In order to avoid that people just pick Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern and Barcelona, we have our own system to select your squad.

At the beginning of the tournament you'll randomly receive one of our 8 kind of sets of 7 cards. Each card represents a team

Before each game starts, you and your rival will pick secretly a reamining the card of the team of your set you want to play with that match. Then you'll put them facing down, and when both cards are on the table, you'll flip them over so you know which team are you both using. After the game the card is burnt, so you can just play once with each team of your set, pick wisely.

Are there any rules for each game, settings?

1. Each game must be configured to 4 minutes each half, injuries off and professional level.

2. If a game is clearly configured to 5 minutes, the game will end in the 75th minute. If a game is clearly configured to 6 minutes it will end in the 60th minute.

3. You can't change the weather unless both teams agree.

4. In the group stage every draw after the 90th minute, is a draw (1 point each team). In the knockouts you go straight to penalties.

5. In the finals and just in the finals (both of them) if both teams agree, they can play extra team.

6. If a team has finished their configuration, the other team has to finish in the next minute. The team which finishes before will start to count out loud the 60 seconds for this rule to be taken into account.


ANY QUESTIONS? (Leave a comment and we'll get back to you ASAP)