TillValentino won the Loading Bar’s FIFA 15 tournament for the second time in a row. Lewin played the final but couldn’t repeat the result of his last tournament at The Dogstar when he became champion for the first time.

Kavel20 and the 2v2 formed by Melyz91 and ManchesterCity were pretty close of the final. Kavel20 started losing his first match, but then he beat DarrenBolton and TillValentino in a row, impresive. The Italian duo beat Utopico on QF using Real Madrid, but couldn’t beat TillValentino on SF.

Utopico played on his own for the first time and won the consolation Final over DarrenBolton who played a great tournament after all, but we should expect better things to come from this first timer.

Pasta and Qeda will have more opportunities to show their skills at Fifapub and we know that they will do since they are excellent players, Qeda was about to beat tillValentino in QF, in the 90th minute, but then in the counter-attack was the second one who got the victory.

Thank you all for coming!