FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – Loading Bar, Dalston, London

Tillvalentino won every game and got the title. However, The Moldy Spankers got a tie against him but he won in penalties. After his first tournament in which he finished fourth, he finally took revenge.

Pirate was one of the first timers of tonight. He finished 1st at the his group and had to face IcemanAFC at QF in a very tight game (1-0). He managed to make the final after defeating Jakubbiernacki. We are sure that he’ll come back the next time and will try to get the win.

The Moldy Spankers (Truth and Sadekk) were really close of beating Tillvalentino at SF and play the final match, but they lost in penalties. They were third of their group and beat Lewin at QF. We’ll see the next time when they will probably play on their own.

Jakubbiernacki couldn’t make the Finals this time and lost against Pirate at Semis. He also finished third of the group but won a tight game against East24 at QF. He could clinch the finals very soon.

East24 got a well deserved victory at the consolation final against Fernando, even though he needed to get a two stars team in the last minute since he made a mistake when he planified his set. Finished second in a tight group and he played brilliantly and with a lot of energy.

Fernando struggled at the group stage but finally played for the consolation title. However, it couldn’t be this time. He needs not to lose his concentration that frequently and avoid those little mistakes.

Lewin was second of his group after a very difficult victory against Pirate. Unfortunately, couldn’t go through the penalty shoot-out at QF when he lost against The Moldy Spankers. After that he just let it go. He has the potential to win a tournament with his passing game.

IcemanAFC always plays with fire. However, this time he couldn’t win at QF where usually he plays at his best. A man of KO tournaments that will get the win sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading and playing.

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