FIFA 15 tournament (PS4) – London

The nights at the Rocket Complex are pure fun and we just try to keep those standards up.
Hammy103 beat Pasta in one of the most spectacular Finals we can remember. 4-4 after the extra time and then Hammy103 came back in the penalties after missing his second one. Amazing Final.
Grifo and Scissor Bubbles (Lewin and Sadekk) lost at semifinals. Both of them where so close that it might hurt even more. However they should be proud of what they got.
Abounding noises (8of93 and CPARK87) and Piquant Sticks (Pedro and TheStupidBloke) played an anticipated consolation final. They both performed well at QF but couldn’t reach the real SF. Piquant Sticks got the victory after coming back.
The Rowdy Doctors (mdirie19 and MoOmar) and OMO0253 will do much better in their next tournament, where they will be able to play on their own in case they want to.
Hope to see you all soon!