FIFA 15 tournament – LondonTight FIFA 15 tournament plenty of extraordinary competitors and surprises.Wandering Bankers won the tournament at their second time playing together. They didn’t start at their best but got it going till the final victory.

Yager Passers were second. The last time they played they lost at the consolation final and now they are battling for the official victory. That’s a step forward.
Swamp Turkeys lost against Wandering Bankers but they played superb. They were the best team till then and both were first-timers. Let’s see in the next one, they are already in.
Is good to see Abounding Noises again on Semifinals. They had struggled recently but this time kept focus when it matters. Strong combination, no doubt.
Designated Missiles couldn’t stop Mad Ninjas. Both teams were bottom of their groups and got a surprising victory over the second of their respective groups on the consolation Semifinals. Well done.Holistic Pets and The Ripe Anger were both second at the group stage winning 2 matches each, but then they weren’t lucky enough to make the consolation Final. A night off, sometimes takes time to calm down at the KO and we are sure these teams have a lot of potential