FIFA 15 tournament – London

Another Full house with 4 consoles and 32 players. The biggest tournament so far in 2015 where three new teams have climbed to the top 16 straight forwardly.

Crooked Ducks

Chris9055 and Mitfordman: They aren’t new at Fifapub but it’s the first time they are in our top 16. Actually they have done it when it matters. They grabbed the victory Yesterday and got 30 extra points, now they’ve got 18 stars and 50 points. In the last 16¬†they went to penalties against Prehistoric Bombers (William08 and Srinivas91), but since then they didn’t even get a tie. Well done!


Sebiwizzo and Grevudade: These Italian guys played just better and better in every match. They struggled in the group stage where they quickly learn how to play together and since they beat Nick1990 and Benz to play the Semifinals against Crooked Ducks who end up winning the tournament. It was awesome for their first time playing together. Strong team here.

The Naive Captains

Muradlb and¬†Gudrat69: Another team playing for the first time at Fifapub. Their path to semifinals wasn’t easy where they had to beat The Naive Roosters (Abz_89 and SebOL) who won the consolation final, and The Monkey Robots (TheLegendOfLeo and LKoorland) who are almost qualified for Big February already. In Semifinals they played really well against Highfalutin Rednecks (Hammy103 and 8of93) but were defeated. A problem in the controller settings seemed to affect their game. Better luck next time, they are strong candidates to make the Top 16 by the end of the month.